Mr Grasshead

I'm Kieran and I'm 6. I go to Stanley Infant School in Blackpool.



I go to Beavers. When you go 4 times you get invested and you can get badges if you do the activities properly.

You play games and you can sing songs and you can buy sweets at the tuck shop at the end. You get a certificate and badges when you are invested.

My favourite playstation game is Spiderman 2. When I play it the bad guys are killed in one attack. He can crawl on the walls and ceiling without the bad guys seeing him, but if they hit him alot you lose.


Here are 2 things I wrote:

Some people can't see ghosts, but some people can. A ghost is someone that is dead.

Kings are the leaders and they say the rules. Some kings die so they I have to make a new king.

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